Big Eyes Coin sets the pace with $24m in pre-sales, can Crypto hopefuls Aptos and Lido DAO compete?

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In a recent Commitment of Traders (COT) report, we are seeing indicators that confidence in crypto markets is on the rise; Big Eyes Coin (BIG) seems to be reaping the benefits of this. With one of the biggest presales in recent history, Big Eyes is setting the pace in 2023.

Cryptocurrency market capitalization was up by nearly 40% in January, with reports suggesting that many altcoins were even higher. This is great news for the rising Layer 1 blockchain Aptos (APT) token, who will certainly look to capitalise on investor interest.

The weekly COT report is also food for thought for Lido DAO (LDO), as they are pushing its protocol, aiming to provide its community with the ability to stake on multiple blockchains. The more varied the interest in the markets, the more likely the tentacles of Lido DAO could reach far and wide.

Opting for Aptos

The Aptos blockchain raised millions of dollars from inception back in October 2022, then crashed at 40%, then surged to a rally of 56% at the start of the year. The Layer 1 blockchain is built with a rust-based programming language called Move, with key features including the parallel execution engine, at low transaction costs.

The hype generated around Aptos may be due to its interesting beginnings, created initially to help novice crypto newbies get into the scene. The additional features make this possible by utilising Diem blockchain, an abandoned venture developed to be scalable and fast.

In recent weeks Aptos (APT) has been surging, currently trading for $16.13. The token has been taking advantage of the positive effects of arbitrage trading in South Korea, seeing exchanges boom.


Lido swimming easy

Lido DAO (LDO) has been a stable performer this year, as 2023 looks to be an impressive chapter in the history of the liquid staking solution. They also seem to be standing out amongst the top-gaming cryptocurrencies.

Being one of the big fish in the Ethereum network pool, Lido DAO has seen gains due to the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. Seeing as the Lido DAO boasts a significant share of the Ethereum network, they look to benefit further in the future.

At the moment, Lido is trading $2.40. The pond of crypto definitely looks like one to watch in February, seeing as they have also been pushing forward its DeFi ecosystem.

Big Eyes: no time to blink!

The proof-of-stake cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin (BIG) utilises a consensus mechanism, to apparent great success. By reducing the mining process as well as reducing its own carbon footprint, Big Eyes has displayed impressive gains.

While also funding ocean-based charities, 5% of assets are funnelled into charities, suggesting that sustainable concepts are the way forward. The cat-themed meme coin is truly showing the way with $24.5m raised in pre-sales.

Big Eyes Coin is rewarding its users with a 200% bonus on purchases made. Use the code ‘LAUHCNBIGEYES200’ to claim the bonus before it’s too late! You can buy your own Big Eyes Coins here.


In Conclusion

As 2023 is moving forward, Big Eyes is making big gains week on week on its pre-sales. We are seeing cryptocurrency market capitalization shift in many different directions and there are constant fluctuations in the market. But people can’t seem to get enough of cats!

Aptos blockchain could also book a place in the crypto history books. How will 2023 pan out? It’s early days, but as the crypto story keeps evolving, who knows what innovation we will see next?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)