Nike commercial celebrates LeBron James scoring record

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It’s the story of an announced record: on February 7, 2023, everybody witnessed LeBron James breaking NBA’s all-time scoring record, which was owned by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points. For the NBA world, it’s a piece of history that takes form in front of their eyes, and for that occasion, Nike released a dedicated commercial showing their support for LeBron’s 20-year-long career. Let’s find out what happened.

Watch the moment LeBron James broke NBA’s all-time scoring record here on Youtube.

The Nike commercial celebrating LeBron James’ scoring record

In the exact moment LeBron James broke NBA’s all-time scoring record, on February 7, 2023, Nike released this video commercial that recaps the story of this unique player in 20 years of career. You can find it below, from Nike’s official Twitter page.

The concept behind the commercial is the unique experience of witnessing LeBron James’ career developing over the last 20 years up to this point, where he’s now alone on the top of the NBA’s best scorers of all time. All social media are showing their congratulation to @KingJames.

With this black-and-white video, in one minute, fans have the chance to follow LeBron’s steps from the beginning of his career until today. To make things more epic, the video is accompanied by the voice of a preacher celebrating his greatness and asking everybody: “Can I get a witness?” It’s Alonzo Chadwick, who confirmed on Twitter the honor of being the voice chosen by Nike to celebrate LeBron James. Chadwick is a professional vocalist and artist who often offers his voice and musical style to the causes he believes in.

We are all witnesses: and we are all together, showing our amazement under the images of the Nike commercial celebrating LeBron James.

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