How to get the best deal on a rental car

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No one can resist a good deal when planning their next travel destination. But getting a good deal takes much more work and knowledge than simply visiting a dealer. Upselling is a common trick rental companies use to get more from you, and you may spend more than you had budgeted. So you need to take advantage of discounts and offers such as the Enterprise car rental senior discount to get the best value for your money. Whether it’s a staycation or an adventure to unknown parts of the world, here are a few car rental tips that will help you find a great rental deal. 

4 Ways to Get a Better Car Rental Deal

Know Your Car Requirements

If you are not a stranger to renting a car, you probably know how rental companies often try to upsell their consumers. When picking up your vehicle, they don’t hand you the keys the right way. Instead, they suggest you upgrade to a larger model than the one you booked, saying it will offer more power, comfort, or even better gas mileage. 

Letting the clerk talk to you about getting a bigger or better car will lead you to spend more. Research the type and size of the car you need before booking. Check its reviews for what others have said about its mileage, comfort, and power. This will help you stick to your choice and not be swayed easily. 

Shop on Multiple Locations

Often, we tend to look for affordable car rentals at airports. However, this isn’t always the best option if you are going for a cheaper car. A simple search on car rentals in your destination can offer you a lot of cheaper options than those at the airport. 

Look For Discounts 

Before paying the total price of your rental car, look for discounts. Several programs offer affordable car deals and better prices on rentals. Some of which include: 

  • Senior discounts. There are car agencies that work with AARP to provide older adults discounts. As an AARP member, you could enjoy up to 30% at Payless or Avis.
  • Corporate codes. This is provided by companies that have partnered with dealerships to offer their employees better rates. 
  • Car rentals such as Alamo offer military discounts to veterans and military service members. You could also enjoy a special deal if you work as a first responder, firefighter, or police officer.

Skip on the Upgrades 

While booking a vehicle, some upgrades will tempt you during the process. Most of these upgrades will cost you more money. Be attentive to what you are offered, and learn to say no. Some of these upgrades include:

  • GPS. You have a phone GPS already, and there is no need to pay an additional fee to have it on the car.
  • Child car seat. If you are just waiting for your own car to be repaired and rent a car from a rental service near your home. Bring your child’s car seat to avoid the daily charge fee of having it by the agency.

In conclusion, search for deals and discounts offered by multiple car agencies when planning your trip. Failure to plan may lead you to pay a premium price for a simple rental car.