Jackson Hewitt 2023 commercial for tax refund advance

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It’s a simple initiative, but during crisis times it can be what drives your final decisions: the beginning of the year is always dedicated to tax declarations, and 2023 is still a moment of financial struggle, so the American tax preparation service Jackson Hewitt offers a special promotion that allows you to get money immediately when filing your tax declaration with them, as a zero-interest loan that will be automatically repaid when you’ll receive your tax return. The commercial is on TV, and it even triggered a large wave of complaints from viewers because of the tagline “what the buck,” which is considered improper on a commercial that can be watched by kids (you can find many examples of Jackson Hewitt complaint on Complain.biz).

Jackson Hewitt 2023 commercial for tax refund advance

Jackson Hewitt released two different versions of the commercial at the beginning of 2023, promoting their special tax refund advance service: “what the buck” and “pricey pizza.” You can watch them here and here.

“What the buck?” is the exclamation people in the commercial have in mind when looking at their wallets: a recognizable pun, made explicit when the commercial explains that “when every buck matters, it matters who does your taxes.” And at the end, you’ll be happy with the service and throw a “buck yeah!” But as you already know, people complained about these taglines, which is the main reason why the commercial is currently discussed on social networks.

You can find all details of the initiative on Jackson Hewitt’s official website. As the FAQ explains: “a Tax Refund Advance loan is a loan that is repaid with your tax refund. Sometimes the IRS can take weeks to send you your refund, so a Refund Advance loan gives you the opportunity to get your money before your tax refund arrives. Life happens, and sometimes you need access to money that is owed to you now, instead of later.”

However, if it’s the commercial that triggered your interest, you will find it on their Youtube channel.

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