Tony Romo Caddyshack parody in the Michelob commercial

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“You spoke, we listened”: that’s what Michelob Ultra states on their official website in January 2023. Fans demanded the return of the special Golf Pack, and the beer brand made the wish come true. Adding a commercial that sent all golf fans to heaven: a parody of the famous Cinderella Story in the classic golf movie Caddyshack. The actor in the commercial is Tony Romo, and people are loving him. Let’s understand everything you need to know.

You can watch the original Michelob Ultra commercial with Tony Romo in the Caddyshack parody below.

ULTRA Club l Cinderella Story

Tony Romo in the Caddyshack parody for the 2023 Michelob Ultra commercial

The commercial released in 2023 by Michelob Ultra is a parody of the famous Cinderella story played by Bill Murray (Carl Spackler’s character) in the classic 1980 golf movie Caddyshack. You can watch the original scene from the movie here on Youtube.

It’s not the first time Michelob makes an explicit reference to the movie Caddyshack in a commercial: in 2020, they released this short commercial with Peyton Manning’s face juxtaposed with Judge Smails’ character, recreating this scene where he says the line “Well, we’re waiting.”

This time, the one playing the parody is Tony Romo, the former football player who became a famous sportscaster in the last few years. Romo is also a passionate golfer, so his presence in the Michelob commercial doesn’t represent a surprise. He’s also a regular presence in TV commercials: in the past, we saw him as a testimonial for Corona beer and also playing himself in this 2022 Subway ad.

Golf fans have everything they love in one only commercial: a famous personality playing their favorite sport, a scene from a classic movie, and Michelob beer, of course.

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