Gronk & Karen Malina White in the FanDuel commercial

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When you need to create a commercial for the Super Bowl, you need to think big. Extremely big. And that’s what FanDuel thought in 2023: the idea is to plan a $10 million prize for who will bet on Super Bowl, naming the initiative “Kick of Destiny”. And to make things spicier, there will be an NFL star actually kicking the ball live: Gronk, aka Rob Gronkowski, talking on the phone with an actress someone managed to recognize, Karen Malina White. Let’s discover everything in this article.

You can watch the original 2023 FanDuel commercial with Gronk here on Youtube.

Gronk & Karen Malina White in the 2023 Super Bowl FanDuel commercial

The ones you see in the FanDuel commercial released in 2023 for the Super Bowl $10 million prize are Rob Gronkowski and the American black actress Karen Malina White.

Gronkowski, nicknamed Gronk, is a former tight end who played in the NFL from 2010 to 2022. As he explains in the FanDuel commercial, “he catches, doesn’t kick,” but that’s not the point: he’s a football celebrity perfectly fitting a commercial that will culminate in the Super Bowl. ESPN said about him: “it felt like the tight end position was invented in response to his rare gifts, the singular marriage of power and grace he brought to the game.”

Karen Malina White is an American actress active since the 80s. She’s famous as Kaneesha in the 1989 movie Lean on Me, and as Charmaine Brown in the last two seasons of The Cosby Show (do you recognize her in this video?). Her list of movies and TV shows is pretty long, you can find it on her Wikipedia page.

The rule of the FanDuel promotion is easy: Gronk will try a 25-yard field goal during a live TV commercial in the third quarter, and if he succeeds, FanDuel clients who placed a Super Bowl bet in 2023 can win a share of $10 million in free bets. Does the idea fascinate you?

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