Martha Stewart deals with Dry January in Tito’s commercial

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Sometimes a simple idea is enough to make a hilarious commercial. Especially if you have the right face on it: it’s what happened in January 2023 with Tito’s Vodka commercial and the American TV personality Martha Stewart, who suggests some creative ways to deal with the “Dry January” commitment people usually have during this period of the year. You are not supposed to drink, then let’s find alternative ways to use your favorite Vodka: let’s see the commercial together.

You can watch the original Tito’s “Dry January” commercial released in 2023 below.

Tito’s DIY January, brought to you by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart deals with Dry January in Tito’s 2023 commercial

Martha Stewart is the TV personality starring in the “Dry January” Tito’s commercial released in 2023. She qualified as the right face for this commercial because she’s famous for her Cooking School series and, in general, she’s considered a lifestyle expert: no one better than her can tell you how to live fancy despite Dry January.

Apparently, Tito’s vodka can have multiple purposes: you can use it as a unique ingredient to your sauce (with a proper dosage), remove the smell from your shoes, and even tenderize your steak before cooking it with the biggest bottle you have at home.

It’s a funny commercial; understandably, people are watching it over and over to cope with this Dry January. If that’s really a thing you are following.

Martha Stewart is 81 years old when Tito’s commercial was released. Over the years, she starred in many commercials, from AT&T to PrettyLitter. She’s a dear friend of Snoop Dogg, with whom she made several commercials and funny videos (you should definitely watch them re-enacting the famous scene in the movie Ghost here).

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