The Glory k-drama: a complete characters guide

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The Glory is a popular Korean TV series that landed on Netflix in December 2022. The k-drama immediately caught the viewers, fascinated by the complexity of the plot and the revenge story that progressively takes place. The TV show has many characters, and it’s not always easy to follow their development and connections. In this article, we will provide you a complete reference guide with pics and names of the main characters to be used as help while following the series.

Short warning for the readers: the characters’ descriptions below contain spoilers. If you are still in progress with Part 1, you can use this guide only for the pictures, in order to follow the characters’ evolution.

You can watch the official trailer for the k-drama The Glory here on Youtube, whereas in this article, you’ll find a complete plot recap and the Part 1 ending explained.

Netflix k-drama The Glory: a complete characters guide

Moon Dong-Eun

Moon Dong-Eun is the protagonist. She was bullied by a group of schoolmates when she was a teenager. Growing up, she commits her whole life to revenge. She becomes a school teacher and brings her plan on, progressively affecting her bullies’ adult lives.

Park Yeon-Jin

Park Yeon-Jin is the main villain among the characters in The Glory. She led the group of bullies, guiding their violent acts in school. Her parents are wealthy and influential. As an adult, she’s married to Do-Yeong and has a daughter, Ye-Sol. However, Ye-Sol’s biological father is Jeon Jae-Jun.

Jeon Jae-Jun

Jeon Jae-Jun is one of the boys inside the group of bullies. He comes from a wealthy family and gives orders to Son Myeong-O, the other boy in the group, who normally executes the violent acts. He’s color-blind and susceptible to any reference to his problem. He’s the biological father of Yeon-Jin’s daughter, Ye-Sol: a secret that he discovers during Part 1.

Lee Sa-Ra

Lee Sa-Ra is another girl in the group of bullies. She’s always been cruel to Dong-Eun. She also comes from a wealthy family; as an adult, she’s an artist and a drug addict.

Choi Hye-Jeong

Choi Hye-Jeong is the last girl in the group of bullies. She seems less involved in the violence, and as an adult, she begs Dong-Eun for forgiveness. She becomes a flight attendant, but her origins are not wealthy, so she relies on her friends’ money to maintain her wealthy lifestyle. She’s going to get married in The Glory Part 1.

Son Myeong-O

Son Myeong-O is the boy in the group of bullies who executes the major violence on Dong-Eun. He gets orders from Jae-Jun and the others; as an adult, he’s Jae-Jun’s errand boy. He will ally with Dong-Eun and, using the information she provided about the death of the girl who was bullied before her, Yoon So-Hee, she probably starts blackmailing Yeon-Jin. He suddenly disappears, and as viewers, we have reasons to suspect Yeon-Jin murdered him.

Joo Yeo-Jeong


Joo Yeo-Jeong is a medical student who teaches Go to Dong-Eun. He falls in love with her. In the second half of The Glory Part 1, he agrees to help Dong-Eun in her revenge, becoming her executioner. His father was murdered by a serial killer, who writes him letters from prison.

Ha Do-Yeong


Ha Do-Yeong is Yeon-Jin’s husband, a wealthy business owner. They have a little daughter, Ye-Sol, but her biological father is Jae-Jun. He doesn’t know it, but he starts having strong suspects around the end of Part 1. He plays Go with Dong-Eun and ends up being closer to her, asking her what his wife did in the past.