Dr. Pepper Fansville commercial cast: meet the actors

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The idea developed by Dr. Pepper soft drink for their recent advertisement campaign has been a massive success: Fansville is officially one of the most popular “things” on TV, and every new commercial brings curiosity among the viewers. People have been curious about the cast playing in the commercial: who’s the Sheriff, the black girl, the football player, and the other actors in the ad? Let’s discover them.

You can watch The Wave, the latest funny Dr. Pepper commercial, below.

Dr. Pepper Fansville commercial, the complete cast: the Sheriff, the black girl, the football player, and the others

The cast of the Dr. Pepper Fansville commercial series evolves year after year, but some of the actors are a constant presence. The Sheriff is the most regular character in the series, and the American actor and former football player Brian Bosworth interprets him. He’s Fansville’s Sheriff, often appearing in their situations.

Bosworth was a linebacker for two seasons, from 1987 to 1989, then a shoulder injury forced him to retire when he was 24. He turned into an actor and was also a commentator over the years.

The black girl who often appears in Fansville commercials is the American actress Natasha Marc. She also played in Mayor of Kingstown and The Good Lord Bird, and she’s proud to be the “Dr. Pepper girl” in her Instagram profile.

The football player confronted by fans in 2022’s Fansville “Fan to Fan Chat” commercial is the American actor Jay Reeves. He also played in 2020’s movie Safety and the series All American. Of course, he’s happy to be one of the faces of Fansville commercials, as you can see from his Instagram.

Many other actors appear in Fansville commercials time after time. Usually, you can have a nice overview on IMDb, which often tracks their releases. And, for the most curious among you: the narrator voice of Fansville commercial series is Sean Phillips, a voice actor who has dedicated a page on his official website to his role in the Dr. Pepper ad.

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