The Invitation explained: is Evie a vampire in the ending?

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The Invitation is a horror movie released in 2022 and available on Netflix US, starring Nathalie Emmanuel. As often happens, the film became quite successful, especially in home streaming, when people are more comfortable watching a scary movie. It’s a vampire story hidden behind a weird invitation by a wealthy English family: the protagonist is Evelyn “Evie,” an American girl who finds herself trapped among vampires at the movie’s ending. People have many questions: does Evie die? And is she a vampire at the end of the film? In this article, we will have all answers accurately explained.

You can watch the official trailer for the 2022 movie The Invitation here on Youtube.

The movie plot: Evie among the vampires

For most of the movie’s plot, the events seem pretty easy to explain: Evie is an American girl working as a waitress in the rich circles of New York. One day she tries out a DNA test they gave her for free: the service helps you find ancestors and activates a notification feature every time they locate close relatives. A few days after, she receives a notification: she has a cousin, Oliver Alexander, who wants to meet her. They meet up, and he succeeds in convincing her to join an important family wedding that will take place in England soon.

Evie accepts, and the movie develops around Evie’s arrival and integration into the vast mansion owned by Walter De Ville. Walter and Evie seem into each other and get connected quickly. The first night they have sex, Walter appears to joke about the possibility of getting married the day after, since all families are already reunited that day.

On the wedding day, the plot twist takes place: the most-awaited wedding they have talked about since the beginning is actually the wedding between Walter and Evie, and all invitees are looking forward to it. Walter wanted to marry Evie even before he met her, and the way the movie explained that relies on the vampire side of the plot: Walter belongs to the De Ville vampire family, he’s the immortal lord of the family, and he always had brides belonging to the Alexander family, the same Evie belongs to. When Evie takes the DNA test, the De Ville family was notified about the existence of a new Alexander descendant. The De Ville family worked to bring Evie to the mansion and prepare for the wedding.

Why does Walter De Ville want to marry Evie so hard? Because the union between the De Ville and the Alexander family guarantees eternal life to all people belonging to those dynasties. Evie is the family’s last descendant: her ancestor is Emmaline Alexander, the woman who was promised to be Walter’s third bride. However, she committed suicide before marrying him, as we see in the movie’s opening scene, breaking the balance between Walter De Ville and the whole family, and putting their immortality at risk.

Evie discovers all this at the feist when Walter officially announces her wedding. She immediately tries to escape, but Lucy and Viktoria trap her, and she’s imprisoned in a coffin. She’s freed by the ladies’ maid, Mrs. Swift, and she manages to escape the mansion, but she’s caught again with the help of the inhabitants close to the mansion. That brings us to the ending of The Invitation, and we better have it carefully explained below.

The Invitation ending explained: is Evie a vampire at the end of the movie? Does she die?

After Evie wakes up again in the mansion, she starts thinking about a plan. Apparently, she consents to marry Walter: the wedding is organized, and she says “yes.” Following Mrs. Swift’s indications that she could steal Walter’s energy, she decides to become a vampire, drinking Walter’s blood. We see her transforming into a powerful creature and setting everything on fire.

At this moment in the movie, Evie is a vampire. A strong one, using her incredible energy to escape. One after the other, she attacks all the vampires of the family: first, she stabs Walter, then fights against Viktoria, who’s killed by Lucy, and finally, she kills the butler, Mr. Field. At last, Walter attacks her again, and she pushes him into the fire, ultimately killing him. At that point, the vampire’s dynasty is over, and she becomes human again.

In the ending scene, we see Oliver in London, still plotting to kidnap Evie again. But this time, we see Evie with her best friend, Grace, out in London, ready to take down Oliver and end the threat the De Ville family represents to her.

In conclusion, regarding the question that viewers had about the plot and the ending of The Invitation, here are the answers, explained:

  • Does Evie become a vampire in The Invitation? Yes, she does. It’s the only way for her to escape: becoming a vampire, she acquires a massive energy, through which she will kill the De Ville vampires and escape.
  • Is Evie still a vampire at the end of the movie? No, she’s not. She is a normal human, like her friend Grace. But as a human, she intends to hunt and kill the vampires belonging to the De Ville family.
  • Does Evie die in The Invitation? No, she doesn’t. She temporarily becomes a vampire in the middle of the plot, then she kills Walter and ends his power on her, becoming human again. At the movie’s ending, she’s alive, as a human, hunting the De Ville vampires that threaten her.

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