The song in the Toyota Christmas 2022 commercial

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Toyota did it again. After the voicemail commercial that made everyone cry, they released another emotional ad about a young girl working during the Christmas holidays and getting presents from the people she cared for. “Like no one’s watching” is the tagline, which made many people relate. The song in the background is heartbreaking, and everybody wants to know what it is: let’s discover it.

You can watch the official commercial released by Toyota for Christmas 2022 here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the Toyota Christmas 2022 commercial?

The song featured in the Toyota commercial released for Christmas 2022 is Kindness by the American singer Andrew Simple. You can stream it on Spotify.

Andrew Simple has been active as a musician for several years. Kindness is a song from his 2021’s album Getting Better. It wasn’t a famous song, and it doesn’t belong to his most popular tracks, but now that Toyota used it in their commercial, it’s getting increasingly popular.

The song’s official lyrics are not available, but that could be just temporary: Andrew Simple publishes the lyrics of his most famous songs on his official website, and it could be just a matter of days before you find them there.

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