5 benefits of using animated videos for your products and services

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Businesses employ animated videos to reach more customers. Animation can promote conversions and engagement in your business, and an animation creator such as Vista Create can help you reach such goals.

Adding animation to your ads, tutorials, or other media is a great way to grab people’s attention and get them interested in what you have to say. If you do, you’ll join the ranks of several established businesses and startups that have found success through the same approach.

This article will go through several benefits of using animated videos for your products and delve into reasons why this is one of the best marketing tools at the moment.

Why Use an Animated Video?

Storytelling is the key to creating engaging content. Your primary objective as a content creator, whether you’re telling a story about your product, your customers, or even compliance changes, should be to deliver a message that motivates your viewers to take action.

However, the quality of storytelling depends on how well it is told. Imagine this: Your audience will be less inclined to take action if you have a great narrative but communicate it badly. Here is where cartoons come in handy.

An animated video is a dynamic medium that will make your arguments stand out and is simple to produce and administer. It has all the benefits of a visual medium, but it doesn’t take as much time or money as you might think.

1. Put Your Ideas into Perspective


Imagine the camera moving from a close-up of one person to a wider shot of a group of people, and finally to a shot from the top of the world. Also, you extend the view to include the entire galaxy.

Isn’t it amazing how much more meaningful that one lonely person becomes?


There is a person in the picture waving at the camera. From there, we see a crowd, a nation, the continents, and the entire world.

It’s a hard task to recreate such scenes on a real set, but it’s a lot easier in animation. Animated videos are a fantastic way to give your wildest ideas some weight in reality.

2. Visualize Abstract Concepts

One of the best things about animated videos is how well they can illustrate concepts that are difficult to put into words. Try asking yourself, “Can I point a camera at it?” If that’s the case, a live-action production might be simpler than a CGI one.

But what if you wanted to represent something extremely large (such as global logistics), extremely little (such as the inner workings of a microprocessor), or extremely abstract (such as Bitcoin)? That’s when things start to become difficult, no?

In this respect, animation excels. It makes it simple and effective to capture abstract concepts that defy conventional visual representation.

3. Connect With Your Audience

Consumers nowadays frequently watch videos online. Recent studies have shown that video-watching accounts for one-third of all time spent online. Therefore, in the cutthroat world of digital marketing, client engagement is always vital since it is the first step toward closing a transaction.

In this case, you need to use something that is likely to get the attention of the people you want to reach. Animated videos are a great approach to getting the attention of potential clients since they may provide important information in a fun and entertaining way.

4. Explain Your Product to Customers

No one will want to buy from you if they can’t understand what you’re offering them. You may easily convey your product’s value using animation.

The company’s goods and services are intended to facilitate the lifestyles of its buyers. When it comes to conveying a story, animated videos may be wonderful. Your company can greatly benefit from creating a 90- to 120-second animated short demonstrating the ease with which your products and services can improve the lives of your target audience.

Whiteboard and 2D animation videos do a wonderful job of simplifying your product for potential customers, making them ideal for promotions. You can quickly explain how your product functions using an animated movie.

5. Stand out From the Crowd

It’s common knowledge that there are already too many videos on the Internet. And in the not-too-distant future, it’s expected to account for 87 percent of all internet traffic. Keeping up with the constant need to provide fresh and interesting material is challenging in the current scenario of intense competition.

Animation may be the way to go if you want your business to stand out from the crowd amid a sea of monotonous testimonials and lifeless demonstration films. The high degree of inventiveness ensures that people will watch and remember them, increasing brand awareness and helping them stand out from the competition.