What is NEO Coin, history and future of an altcoin

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When picking a crypto project for investments, it is important to research the following aspects:

  • technology that is at the core;
  • price chart;
  • market capitalisation;
  • reputation of a project.

Now crypto is not just a digital coin nobody sees and uses – today, crypto is entering the real sector, opening all the advantages of blockchain technologies for real companies and enterprises. Crypto projects connecting real-life businesses with blockchain are the most available these days, for they have good prospects for future growth, and so their tokens are likely to skyrocket. Today, when the crypto market is at its bottom, and crypto prices are low, it is an excellent chance to search for a promising project and invest in it in the long term.

We would like to offer one good option for you today – NEO crypto.

What is Neo Crypto?

Released in 2014, cryptocurrency NEO is now traded on all large crypto platforms. The coin is based on the AntShares blockchain. It enables real sector assets to be tokenized and used in the crypto industry. The platform provides fast transaction speed, connecting real sector assets with blockchain technologies, all popular programming languages, and centralisation. The project has received great popularity in China but is not yet popular in European states.

As of December 15, 2022, the NEO crypto piece is $7.24, the market cap is over $723 million. The token’s peak was $38,14 in January 2018. In May 2021, another peak was fixed at the level of $115. Today the rate is low, the same as the whole crypto market, so investors are thinking about buying this token and holding it long-term, for the asset has already shown promising results in the past. The minimum value experts predict for the NEO crypto in 2030 is $528.

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