Joy to the world: who’s in the Sprite Cranberry commercial

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In the last couple of years, Sprite has triggered a lot of curiosity around their latest commercials. First, there was LeBron James and his series of commercials, including the famous 2018 Christmas commercial. Then we saw a set of Holiday specials celebrating the black community, first with the gingerbread tutorial and, more recently, with the cousins singing “Joy to the world” from the street in the holiday Sprite Cranberry commercial. People wonder who the actors are, if the man presenting the cousins is a rapper, and if that girl on the right really is Glorilla. Let’s discover all answers.

You can watch the Sprite Cranberry Christmas holiday special commercial with the cousins singing “joy to the world” below.

Sprite Cranberry 2021 Commercial

Joy To The World: who’s in the Sprite Holiday commercial?

The Sprite “holiday special” commercial with the cousins singing “Joy to the world” was released in 2021, and it’s directed by the stand-up comedian Eric André. Sprite’s director of creative strategy said, “We wanted to try to capture uniquely Black nuances and family dynamics and put those at the center of the story,” and that was indeed an achieved goal.

Among the actors, the biggest curiosity is about the man presenting the scene, and people want to know if he’s a rapper: no, he’s the actor and comedian BT Kingsley, and you can find all information about his shows and roles on his official website.

Among the cousins in the commercial, we can confirm that the girl on the right is not Glorilla: she’s Miah Blake, actress and musician known as BLVKE. You can find her here on Instagram. The other cousins are the actress Paris Nicole (the girl in the middle, here are her thanks to the commercial crew on her Instagram) and the actor Tim Johnson Jr. (who’s also a music artist, as you can see on his Youtube channel).

The Sprite Holiday Special commercial is really a celebration of the black community, with four personalities that, in different ways, have proved their talent in the world of comedy, acting, and music.

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