2022 Holiday Coke commercial: what is the guy cooking?

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As expected, Coca Cola released a Christmas commercial for the 2022 holiday season, and it’s again a heartwarming ad able to move families for this particular period of the year: we see a guy opening an old paper cookbook, reading carefully the page where the recipe of “Mama Christmas Pie” is written. He starts cooking it, and we discover at the end that this is his way of remembering his dead mom for that special occasion when the family is reunited. But the question people are asking is: what pie is the guy cooking in the last coke commercial? Let’s try to find out.

You can watch Coca Cola 2022 Christmas commercial below.

The Magic of Christmas 2022 with Coca-Cola

The 2022 Christmas Coke commercial: what pie is the guy cooking?

The meal the guy is cooking in the Coke Christmas commercial released in 2022 is a Brussels sprout pie called “Mama Christmas Pie.” The commercial doesn’t give many details about the recipe and the ingredients: the recipe is written in handwriting impossible to decode, and not even the ingredients are clear.

We surely see the guy boiling a bunch of Brussels sprouts and using a red spice that seems like paprika, and those are the only ingredients we can identify with no doubt. We also see more than one pot on the stove, and that may mean that there are some other ingredients inside the pie, probably meat, but that’s hidden from our eyes.

We don’t see how the pie looks inside when it’s placed on the table, and since it’s covered by its own dough, it remains a Christmas secret that only the guy (and his dead mama) knows. Maybe that’s also part of Christmas magic, isn’t it?

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