Trump “big announcement”: the card commercial video

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There has been some buzz around the “big announcement” Donald Trump anticipated in 2022, especially thinking about the 2024 presidential campaign that opened recently. Finally, the announcement was done in the form of a video commercial, shared on December 15 on the social network Truth Social: it’s the launch of the personal NFT collection of the former US President, as a series of collectible digital trading cards where Trump appears as a superhero. People were curious to watch the commercial and understand more about the collection: here you’ll have all answers.

Donald Trump, the “big announcement”: here is the video of the NFT trading card commercial

You can directly watch the full video of the NFT trading card commercial made by Donald Trump in 2022 on the collection’s official website,

The collection comes in the form of NFT digital cards. NFTs are a modern digital asset that has become very popular in recent years, allowing people to collect unique copies of a digital work of art with the assurance that no one else can own that specific copy. We explain how they work here.

By buying Donald Trump’s NFT, you will own a unique digital copy of a specific card you choose, and you will be the only owner in the world of that single card. The card will come with a digital certificate that proves its uniqueness. That’s why it becomes a collectible oriented to trading: if more people are interested in owning that card, they will need to make an offer and buy it because only one single copy exists.

Each buyer will also have the chance to win several prizes, like a dinner with Donald Trump, the possibility to play golf on one of his golf courses, or an autograph. The starting price of each card is 99$.

As you can see on the official website, Donald Trump’s NFT digital cards are already sold out less than two days after the launch. This means that, from now on, trading will continue on dedicated NFT trading platforms: soon, Trump’s NFT platform will explain how and where card owners can sell their copies to new buyers.

Many personalities have recently launched their NFT collection, from artists like Cai Guo-Qiang to rappers like Snoop Dogg to the Banksy painting that became an NFT collection. The NFT global market had a significant expansion in recent years, and many people made money by selling their copies at a higher price than what they bought them for. It is all a matter of bid and ask: if you believe that more and more people will be willing to own a Trump NFT trading card, you better buy one of them as soon as the market opens.

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