The Burger King Whopper commercial song & lyrics

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It’s hard to explain why things get viral sometimes. The Burger King Whopper commercial released in November 2022 has received a crazy mix of feedbacks from the Internet: someone loves it, and someone hates it. But surely, everybody remembers the song, singing “whopper whopper whopper” with an amatorial voice, like a kid happy to be eating at the fast food. There is no doubt that all this was the explicit intention of who created the commercial, but here it is: let’s explore the song and the lyrics of the famous new Burger King Whopper commercial.

You can watch the commercial released in 2022 here on Youtube.

“Whopper whopper whopper”: the viral song in the Burger King commercial

The song featured in the Burger King Whopper commercial released in 2022 is a jingle written on purpose for the commercial. It has no title, it’s not an independent song, and Burger King probably won’t release it out of the commercial (although many people are invoking its presence on Spotify).

The song has anyway become viral, and it’s stuck in everybody’s head during the 2022 holiday season. People often look for its lyrics so that they can sing it anytime. You can find them below:

Whopper whopper whopper whopper
Junior double triple whopper
Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers
I rule this day

Lettice mayo pickle ketchup
It’s ok if I don’t want that
Impossible bow wow bacon whopper
Any whopper my way

You rule, you’re seizin’ the day
At BK have it your way

Of course, there is the parallel commercial for the Royal Crispy Chicken: the song is the same, but the singer repeats the words “chicken chicken chicken,” obviously. You can find it here.

Now you are prepared: next time somebody comments on this commercial saying how much they loved or hated the song, you can answer with the line you prefer. You are welcome.

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