Troll movie cast: Billy “Ollie” Campbell movies & tv shows

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Troll is a movie released on Netflix on December 2022, which immediately became trending on the streaming platform. A Norwegian production directed by Roar Uthaug, with a cast composed mainly of Norwegian actors: still, viewers recognized a familiar face playing Doctor Secord and wanted to investigate who the actor is and what he is famous for. He’s credited as Ollie Campbell, but he’s known as Billy Campbell (his real name is William Oliver Campbell), and in this article, we will discover more about him and the roles in movies and TV shows where we have already seen him.

You can find the official trailer of Troll here on Youtube.

Troll movie cast: who’s Billy “Ollie” Campbell, and what movies & tv shows is he famous for?

Billy “Ollie” Campbell is the American actor who interprets Doctor Secord in 2022’s Netflix movie Troll. He’s active since 1981, and he became famous initially for the role of Luke Fuller in the classic soap opera Dynasty. You will recognize his young face from the scene below.

Steven Carrington Meets Luke Fuller

Over the years, Billy Campbell played in many notable films and TV shows. In the 80s, he was Det. Joey Indelli in Crime Story, whereas more recently, he played Rick Sammler in the ABC series Once and Again (he’s easier to recognize here). He also played leading roles in famous series like The 4400, The O.C., The Killing, Helix, and The Rocketeer. The Rocketeer is also the Disney movie where he played the protagonist, Cliff Secord, a name referenced by his role in Troll: here he was, the year is 1991.

Other movies where we have seen him are 2002’s Enough, 2008’s Ghost Town, 2013’s Copperhead, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the film directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1992: he was Quincey Morris, one of Lucy’s lovers, as you can see in this scene with Van Helsing.

The list of characters interpreted by Billy Campbell from the 80s to know is countless: you can find the complete list of his roles on Wikipedia.

His presence in the cast of the movie Troll, released in 2022, is a minor one, but still, he was the most recognizable face of the movie for many viewers.

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