The puppy & the actress in the GMC holiday commercial

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When you have a commercial that immediately triggers buzz, remains stuck in everyone’s head, and generates public debates on the Internet, you don’t really need to change it. It’s what GMC must have thought about their holiday advert with the puppy coming from the snow: a commercial made years ago and still working today, with people challenging how realistic it is that a husband buys her wife a puppy, and she answers with a brand new GMC Sierra. But the real questions are different: what kind of puppy is it? And who’s the actress playing in that commercial? In this article, we will provide the available answers.

You can find the GMC “puppy” commercial here on Youtube.

What’s the puppy in the GMC holiday commercial?

The puppy running on the snow in the GMC holiday commercial is a young Bernese Mountain Dog. They are adorable, especially when they are little. Below you can see how they typically look at the beginning.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This is how a Bernese Mountain dog looks when it’s older.

Who’s the actress in the commercial?

There is no official source about the name of the actress playing in the GMC holiday commercial, but people believe she’s the Swedish actress Helena Mattsson. She never confirmed it officially, but looking at her photos on Instagram, you can understand how people notice the resemblance.

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