The Noel Diary filming location: the real pictures

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The Noel Diary is a Christmas movie that landed on Netflix in 2022. The movie became quite popular in the weeks preceding Christmas as a pleasant vision to play during the holiday season. The film is set in several beautiful places during winter, and viewers were curious to know where it was filmed and if they could visit the main scenes’ actual location. The answer is: yes, you can. Let’s discover together the places we see in the movie.

You can watch the official trailer of The Noel Diary here on Youtube.

The Noel Diary filming location: where was the movie filmed?

The Noel Diary was entirely filmed in Connecticut, United States. The plot is set around the city of Bridgeport; therefore, Connecticut was the filming location chosen for the movie.

There are several places you may actually recognize while watching the movie. One is the bookstore RJ Julia Booksellers, which is the place where Rachel buys Jacob’s first book. It’s located in Madison, and you can see an actual picture of the bookstore below.

RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT

Just in front of that bookstore, in the movie, there was the Maple Falls Inn, the rustic place where Rachel and Jacob will sleep in separate rooms. That’s The Griswold Inn, in Essex, with a refreshed look for the occasion. You can see the photos of the actual place below, before the movie filming.

The Griswold Inn, Essex, CT

The Italian restaurant-pizzeria where Rachel and Jacob have their first date is actually Remo’s Pizza in Stamford. The restaurant’s sign has been converted into “Trattoria Toscana” in the movie, but you can recognize the place from the photo below.

Remo’s Pizza, Stamford, CT

The house Jacob’s mom left to him, which in the movie is supposed to be in Bridgeport, is actually located in Westport, precisely on Washington Avenue. Here is a view of that avenue in real life.

Washington Avenue, Westport, CT

But finally, Bridgeport is present in the movie: the place where Jacob has the book signing at the beginning of the film is the Mechanics & Farmers Savings Bank in Bridgeport’s city center. You will recognize it from the picture below. According to the movie, that signing was taking place in Chicago.

Mechanics & Farmers Savings Bank, Bridgeport, CT

If you live close to Connecticut, you can personally visit The Noel Diary filming location and look at the places where Jacob and Rachel fell in love: time for booking your next trip?

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