The Demon With The Most Samurai Spirituality In The Demon Slayer Akaza The Three Upper Moons

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Akaza, a major supporting antagonist in manga Demon Slayer is Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is a demon that belongs to the Twelve Kizuki, and is an Upper Rank Three. His cosplay and fanarts with the fire hashira are also extremely popular.

Hakuji, a talented martial artist who learned under Keizo as he cared for his daughter Koyuki. He would later become Akaza’s fiancée.

Basic Info

  • Japanese name: 猗窩座
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18(Human Form) 133(Demon)
  • Height: 173(5’8”)
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Hair Color: Black(Human) Pink(Demon)
  • Eye Color: Blue(Human) Yellow(Demon)


Akaza assumed the appearance a demon. He was tall and chiseled, with bright green skin. The pattern on his skin was decorated with thick blue lines, much like the tattoos he received as a criminal. Akaza had bright pink hair, with his head swept back. His eyes, which were yellow, had a blue-blue sclera and pink eyelashes. The characters for “Three,” and “Upper Rank,” are also etched into his iris. One blue line ran from his forehead to the bridge of the nose. A second ran under his eyes to his temples. Two more ran around the neck. Three others connected to his torso.

The pattern of three lines was also repeated around his waist. The center line ran straight down his chest, halfway down his stomach. The two remaining lines branched to the sides of his chest and joined the other two lines. His arms were drawn from his shoulders down to his wrists. Below his wrists, it became obvious that each finger was dark blue with an orange nail and that his feet also had this peculiar appearance.

The three-line design around his waist was also repeated. The middle line ran from his chest to half of his stomach. While the first two lines went to the flanks on either side of his chest, joining the other two lines. His arms were curved in a circle around his biceps and two more shoulders. Finally, the lines went down to his wrists. The fingers below his wrists were dark blue and had an orange fingernail. His toes also had this odd appearance.

The three-line design around his waist was also repeated. The middle line ran from his chest to half of his stomach. While the first two lines went to his flanks, joining the two others on either side of his chest. Each of his arms had lines that ran around his biceps, two more shoulders and down to his wrists. The fingers below his wrists were dark blue and had an orange fingernail. His toes also had this odd appearance. If you’re looking to get some drip like your favorite demon slayers, you can now find the best Demon Slayer Merch in the market with a large selection of clothes where we only use the best tissue and fabrics, for every fans out there we’ve got you covered with all the best design, like Demon Slayer Shirt, but also for some people who likes, and prefers more shiny stuff like jewelries, Demon Slayer Earrings and more, shipping all around the world not only in the US!

Back Story

Before becoming demon, his full-name was Hakuji Toyama. After changing his name to Akaza, he changed his name back to Soyama. He was a martial artist prodigy as a human and had a child named Koyuki. Keizo gave him martial arts training. He was born in an underdeveloped region.

Hakuji became a pickpocket because his father was sick and he needed to buy medicine. His actions led to Hakuji being called a “devil child” by the magistrate who tattooed Hakuji to show that he was a criminal.

Hakuji received an alert from a fellow student. He revealed that the water had been poisoned by a rival dojo. Koyuki was poisoned, and Keizo died shortly after. Hakuji was so angry that he used all of his fists in a savage attack on all sixty-seven members of the dojo as revenge.

Muzan was immediately attracted to this, initially thinking it was a beast! Muzan turned Hakuji, one of his Twelve Kizuki, into a demon. Hakuji just accepted it because he didn’t have anything else to lose.

He retained parts of his human memory even though he had lost all of his past existence. Akaza, for example, refused to eat and kill women even though he was sure it would make his life more difficult. He chose to accept his own death.


Akaza is a determined, powerful and battle-obsessed Social Darwinist. He loves fighting, especially against powerful Demon Slayers. He deliberately prolonged battles in order to enjoy every second. He praised his enemies when they used powerful techniques or struck them. He often said that their swordsmanship and methods are excellent and fascinating. Akaza was so contemptuous of weak people that it made his skin crawl. He demanded their names and wouldn’t stop until he got them. To show his gratitude for their courage, he can still recall all of the names he committed to memory. He did however respect those who were strong in him.

Akaza is also open to demons and those with strength because he believes it is right to do so. Also, he is concerned by the decline in people who have been blessed with extraordinary abilities. Akaza will go to great lengths to protect his offer if someone refuses to accept it. Akaza isn’t averse to great warriors who are weaker than they were before. As evidenced by Akaza’s praise for Tanjiro kamado, despite the fact that he was weak during their first encounter, Akaza even went as far as to credit Kyojuro in Tanjiro’s growth. Akaza is a firm believer in the Social Darwinist theory. This holds that all weaklings need to be eliminated according to the laws and natural laws.

Akaza didn’t get along well with his fellow Upper Ranks, as he saw them all as his competitors. He also had a strong psychological urge for strength. He attacks Doma and threatens to kill Kokushibo, because he is extremely hostile to and a little jealous of the two upper Ranks. He stated that he was determined to become the strongest, no matter what. He did this by overcoming all of the common weaknesses of demons who were beheaded with Nichirin Swords. He managed to do this even though he was defeated and beheaded in his fight with Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro, and Giyu Tomioka. Later it was revealed that Akaza’s stubborn and desperate search for strength was motivated by his desire to save Keizo, his teacher, and Koyuki. He also wanted to heal his father.


Akaza is the third highest ranking member of Twelve Kizuki. He is a formidable demon and has previously defeated Kyojuro Rengoku -the fire hashira in an episode of mugen train. Akaza’s ability to master martial arts and to spot weaknesses in his enemies makes him nearly unbeatable.

Akaza has supernatural abilities that enable her see things normally not possible. Akaza can sense both the auras demons and human auras. He also refers to a third sense as the “Fighting Spirit”, which he describes as a person’s desire for battle or their intent to kill. This allows him to assess a person’s strength and weaknesses by simply looking at them. This allows him to react to attacks from his blind areas.

Akaza is one of the greatest regenerators in the series. He absorbs a lot of Muzan’s blood. He was able to rapidly recover from cuts, severe and minor, as well as limbs lost by his adversaries.

Demon Blood Art

Destructive Death. Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is a combination of the control and manipulation of shockwaves. This technique, which is based on the Soryu Style martial art he studied while still a human being, is called “Destructive Death”. Akaza can control shockwaves of a blue hue. They come in a variety shapes including spikes that look like cannons and shockwaves with energy that are almost imperceptible due to air pressure. He can create them from any place and from any part of the body. Akaza can add shockwaves to his kicks and punches to increase their destructive power in battle. He also gets a faint blue glow from this.

Destructive Death is similar to the Soryu Style. It uses the user’s arms and legs to perform quick and powerful blows directed at the opponent’s neck and weapon. The Flame Hashira Kyojuro, Kyojuro, who is the master of Blood Demon Art was once able, after being struck directly by them, to crush Kyojuro’s left and right eyes, ribs, as well as internal organs with an incredible barrage of shockwaves.