Man on a Ledge, the cast: who’s Genesis Rodriguez?

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Man on a Ledge is a 2012 action thriller movie available today on many streaming platforms. The movie was a discrete success at the box office, and people still watch it with pleasure, intrigued by the plot and the cast, which includes (among others) Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris, and Genesis Rodriguez. The latter triggered everybody’s curiosity lately: in this article, we will discover where we saw her already and why her face is so recognizable.

You can find the official trailer of Man on a Ledge here on Youtube.

Man on a Ledge, the cast: Genesis Rodriguez, her movies and TV shows

Genesis Rodriguez (or Génesis Rodríguez, her Spanish name) is an American actress and model, born in 1987 (she was 24 when Man on a Ledge was out). She has played in numerous films and TV shows since 2004. Today, her most famous role is probably in The Umbrella Academy, where she plays Sloane. You will surely recognize her in the video below.


Her first significant role was in Prisionera, a telenovela aired in multiple countries worldwide, where she played the character of Libertad Salvatierra Santos (here you can see her young, pretty face).

Among the other movies where we can find her, there are 2013’s Hours (she was Abigail) and 2014’s horror comedy Tusk (you can see her in the ending scene). Genesis Rodriguez also voiced the character Honey Lemon in 2014’s animated movie Big Hero 6 (she was also in Big Hero 6: The Series, released in 2017, can you recognize her voice?).

Besides The Umbrella Academy, another popular series that had her in the cast is Time After Time, where she played Jane Walker (until the memorable death scene).

Throughout her career, Genesis Rodriguez proved to be a flexible actress, both for movies and TV shows, and also her voice acting career has been quite successful. Man on a Ledge is one of those movies you watch again to enjoy her versatility.

You can find the complete list of the roles she played in her career on Wikipedia.

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