Young Royals season 2 cast: Marcus aka Tommy Wättring

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Young Royals is the Swedish TV show released on Netflix in 2021. After the first season’s success, the series was renewed for Season 2, which premiered in November 2022, and people immediately got caught again. There was curiosity towards the cast, especially the new characters introduced in the new season. One of the actors that got the most attention was the one playing Marcus, Sara’s colleague. His name is Tommy Wättring, and in this article, we will discover everything we know about him.

You can watch the official trailer of Young Royals Season 2 below.

Young Royals: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Young Royals Season 2, the cast: meet Tommy Wättring, aka Marcus

Tommy Wättring is a Swedish actor who has been active since 2011. The role of Marcus inside Young Royals is the one that gave him the most visibility in the international context. At the moment of the release of Young Royals Season 2, he’s 23.

Before Young Royals, Tommy Wättring played Vilhelm Beck in Beck, a famous movie series in Sweden. Tommy was part of the cast in many movies of the series from 2015 until 2021. Besides that, he also appeared in an episode of Finaste Familjen (My Perfect Family), another popular Swedish series.

Among his early roles, you can find him in the 2013’s movie Julie (he plays Jean as a child).

His role as Marcus will be the one that will give a new direction to his acting career, and his enthusiasm is already visible on his Twitter profile. We’ll look for more of his performances in the future.

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