The best songs in casino-themed movies

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The popularity of casinos has now covered many areas, the most prominent of which are movies and music. Many people who play casino games once admit that they know this entertainment industry and begin to love it through movies, especially the songs of those movies. Today, with just a few clicks, you can find many reputable bookmakers online, such as Ignition Casino through the link There you will find a wide variety of casino games of various genres and themes, most of which use the music of popular casino-themed movies as the game’s soundtrack. This creates excitement and familiarity for players and makes them want to stick with the game longer. In this article, let’s look at some famous songs from casino-themed movies that everyone knows.

You know my name

The movie Casino Royale is probably the movie that brings the casino world closer to everyone and makes the image of the casino become glamorous, attractive, and luxurious like the games only for the upper class. The person performing the song for this famous movie is Chris Cornell. He brought a vibrant rock melody but the words were somewhat sad and profound about the values ​​of life. The song is like life advice for everyone when life will go by as fast as a wheel. The lyrics and melody of the song blend with the image of James Bond, making You Know My Name, even more, the legendary song of the casino world. With the fast pace and focus on exploiting the classy image of James Bond, up to this point, anyone who listens to the melody of this song must be in awe.

Rodney Yates

Unlike You Know My Name, Rodney Yates has the color and melody of American country music, the melody of this song is often played at every bar as well as major casino spaces in the United States. This song has no lyrics, for nearly 7 minutes, it’s just repetitive melodies like a catchy soundtrack that every time people hear it, people immediately think of the movie Ocean’s Eleven and immediately think of casino games. The soundtrack has a fast-paced, thrilling part that is true to the nature of the film, which is about super thieves and their greatest casino robbery plan.

Joker and the Thief

Continuing to be a rock melody that makes an unforgettable impression, Joker and the Thief bring a new and catchy musical color to the famous movie The Hangover. The song tells about the Joker and his signature actions, it both creates a sense of mystery, and drama and brings a sense of excitement, like the content of The Hangover, when Zak sweeps and wins all the big and small bets in the city. The song recreates the scene of a crime city, where gambling prevails and the fierce competition of professional casino players. In fact, The Hangover is known to many viewers because the soundtrack of this movie is so excellent and catchy.

Those are three of the many songs from casino-themed movies that are loved by many listeners. Up until now, these songs have become the typical songs of the casino world that every time their tune plays, players will feel like they are actually experiencing the thrill of betting at the major casinos in the movie.