Sheesh! The song in the Pizza Hut Melts commercial

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A new commercial has filled the TV rotation in fall 2022: it’s Pizza Hut with their new product Melts, which (as the company repeats in their public channels) is NOT a pizza, and it’s NOT for sharing. The ad is fast and focused on introducing the new item available on the menu, and the song in the background is captivating, remaining stuck in your head immediately. It’s called Sheesh! and in this article, we will discover more about it.

You can find the 2022 official Pizza Hut Melts commercial here on Youtube.

Sheesh! What’s the song in the new 2022 Pizza Hut Melts commercial?

The song featured in the new Pizza Hut Melts commercial released in 2022 is Sheesh! by Surfaces with Tai Verdes. You can find the track in full streaming below.

Surfaces - Sheesh! (Official Audio)

Surfaces is an American duo from Texas, active since 2017. They have already released many albums, and quite often, their songs succeed in gaining visible success. Their most famous single is Sunday Best, initially released in 2019.

Sheesh! is part of their 2021 album Pacifico and was already a popular tune on TikTok before Pizza Hut used it in the Melts commercial. It’s a happy tune for a commercial that should trigger curiosity about something new to eat: the perfect choice.

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