What is the price of a real haunted house for sale?

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It’s a question that stands between pure curiosity and an opportunity to measure what a person can do to afford to buy real estate while prices keep rising. The reason is obvious: the housing price index has no intention to go lower, except for exceptional crashes and bubbles that have a temporary effect. So, an average citizen needs to find some trick to discover houses for sale at a lower price. And what’s the first thing that comes to mind if you think about a home nobody wants? Exactly. Haunted houses. In this article, we will discover the average price of a real haunted house for sale and how cheaper it is compared to regular homes.

Are haunted prices cheaper than usual?

Yes, haunted houses are cheaper than normal ones. Although haunted houses can represent an attraction for those who love scary experiences, a truly haunted house is usually much less attractive than usual for people who need a place to live. If you are an owner and discover that your house is haunted, that’s a real misfortune because you’ll have much more difficulty selling (or renting) that house from now on. And, of course, that doesn’t include the likely hassle of higher maintenance in case the paranormal activities cause fires or permanent damage to the structure. Overall, rest assured: if you own a haunted house, your priority will be to sell it as fast as possible.

How low is the price of a real haunted house for sale?

In 2021, Business Insider published this interesting article that collects several stories of real haunted houses, analyzing through Zillow how the price dropped after the discovery. It’s a long article, and we suggest you read it more for fun and curiosity. But if you are interested in discovering the average price drop, here’s the answer: the price of a haunted house is, on average, 30% to 50% lower than the original price.

That article lists several examples of houses once valued at over a million dollars and then sold for a much lower price. The extreme case was this haunted house in Pennsylvania that was listed for $2,500,000 in 2009 and then sold for 650.000$ in 2019, a 75% drop in price in ten years. That’s some nice discounts you may want to consider if you are fine with living your daily life among ghosts, night screams, and creepy sounds!

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