TikTok use: pros and cons

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TikTok is the Chinese social network that has changed the way we see the world and post our content online. The evolution of social media has gone from Facebook’s ‘like’ trend to Instagram’s ‘followers’ to TikTok’s endless videos. The Chinese social network was created to share a wide variety of multimedia content, which keeps millions of users around the world entertained.

The algorithm behind TikTok differs from other social media in at least two ways: it places no limits on the visibility of content and is able to select videos according to your preferences. In other words, this social media goes to great lengths to offer content that suits your likes.

The interface is attractive for its users and easy to use for many people who frequent the app. Many compare the ease of use to some of the most-used websites and apps such as YouTube, Unibet, Amazon and Instagram.

As a social networking site whose entertainment is created by the users themselves, the content categories are exponentially endless and each member can follow the tags and adventures of peers, acquaintances and strangers. Although everyone has their own interests, there are certain types of videos that are more trendy than others.

These include the very popular videos with tips and tricks to make everyday life easier. It is precisely these ‘tricks’ that need to be considered, as they are not always just simple escapes from the ‘duties’ of life.

Pros and cons

As in any discussion concerning the web and social media, it is necessary to understand how to make the best use of these resources and to know how to balance the useful and with the less useful. Against any moralistic will, it is right that each of us choose, consciously or not, what to do and how to use these tools, but it is always worth remembering that there are tasks that cannot be avoided through TikTok’s advice.

Everyone’s daily life is made up of rights and duties, even if the latter seem to outnumber the former. Many tiktokers recommend methods for carrying out certain tasks that can really help in the event of deadlines or emergencies, but there are also entire columns that recommend sites that can help with the no-fatigue.

Even in this particular case, our aim is not to highlight a scandal, since each of us may have an oversight or the need for an external incentive to complete our duties. What we want to focus on is the responsible use of these resources which, without a doubt, can help but should not replace human dedication and commitment.

Summing up

Far from adopting a moralising attitude denouncing a non-existent scandal, our reflection focused on the famous Chinese social media platform that has changed the way we be and are social. On this subject too, there is no shortage of contradictions, and they almost always fall on the individual’s use of the means at his or her disposal, so there are no right or wrong positions. For each advantage there can be a disadvantage, which can be more or less crucial, it is up to us to decide.