It Ends With Us, the movie: cast, release date & status

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It Ends With Us is a bestseller novel by Colleen Hoover, published in 2016. It’s her most successful work so far, based on the actual relationship between her parents, and it also has a sequel, titled It Starts With Us, published in 2022. There is a lot of interest in the first book of the series for many reasons: to better understand her last book, people needed a short recap of the events in the first novel, refreshing their memory. Moreover, there is hype for the movie that will be released, based on It Ends With Us. The latest news is hard to find, but this article will collect all last updates about the cast, the release date, and the progress status of the film.

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It Ends With Us: will there be a movie?

Yes, a movie based on the novel It Ends With Us is in the works. The rights for the movie adaptation were obtained in 2019 by the actor and director Justin Baldoni. Initially, he wanted to be the movie director, but then he stepped back from this role, preferring a woman for the part of the director.

The movie project is at an early stage, as Baldoni is currently focusing on finalizing the script he wrote with the book author Colleen Hoover: the movie script was declared “finished” in July 2022, as shared by Baldoni on TikTok. In July, there was a sharing session with the fans, who provided the first feedback for possible improvements to the screenplay.

The movie script is, therefore, done.

Cast, release date, and everything we know so far

The movie production has not started yet, so there is no information about the cast, the director, and the possible release date of the film. There is already a dedicated page on IMDB: most likely, all information will be there once revealed. Fans had fun picking their favorite choices about the actors that could possibly interpret the book’s characters, and you can find the results of this public vote on the Internet, but they are obviously not reliable.

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A guess about the possible release date? If we want to use the average duration of all phases of movie development, it’s possible that the shooting will start during 2023, and if the team maintains a constant pace, the movie could see the light even in the second half of 2024. But again: this is just a rough estimation based on how long the development of an average movie takes.

In this article, we will report any fresh news about the movie It Ends With Us that will come in the future. And if you want to stay in contact with the direct source of information, we suggest you follow Justin Baldoni on TikTok.

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