Toxic: the song in The School for Good and Evil

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The School for Good and Evil is a movie released on Netflix in October 2022. Based on the books by Soman Chainani, the film became one of the hot visions in the fall of 2022, famous among fantasy lovers. People appreciated the story, the plot’s creativity, and the choices in the soundtrack: the music was curated by the experienced composer Theodore Shapiro, and one song, in particular, caught everybody’s attention. We are talking about Toxic, a cover of the famous song by Britney Spears. Let’s discover more about it.

You can find the official trailer of the song here on Youtube.

Toxic: what’s the song version in The School for Good and Evil soundtrack?

The version of Toxic that appears in the soundtrack of the 2022 Netflix movie The School for Good and Evil is written by the composer team 2WEI. You can find the full version below.

2WEI - Toxic (Official Britney Spears Epic Cover)

2WEI’s version of Toxic was released in 2018. The list of authors is quite long: the song was written by Cathy Dennis, Christian Lars Karlsson, Henrik Nils Jonback, and Johan Pontus Winnberg and produced and arranged by Christian Vorländer & Simon Heeger. It’s the “Epic cover” of Britney’s song, matching the team’s music style that was popular as part of other soundtracks (for example, Wonder Woman and Darkest Hour).

The cover removes the pop attitude of the song and substitutes it with a cinematic atmosphere that works perfectly inside a movie.

In The School for Good and Evil, the song is featured in the fight scene involving Sophie and Agatha. A choice that made that scene even more epic.

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