Halloween Ends: the song in the motorcycle scene

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Halloween Ends is the last movie of the Halloween / Michael Myers saga, released in October 2022. The film sparked many curiosities, marking the death of one of the oldest cult horror characters. People appreciated the movie also because of the well-cured soundtrack. A particular song caught everybody’s attention: the one in the background during Corey and Allyson’s motorcycle ride. Let’s discover more about it.

You can find the final official trailer of the movie here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the motorcycle scene of Halloween Ends?

The song featured in the motorcycle ride scene of the 2022 movie Halloween Ends is Come 2 Me by Johnny Goth. You can find it in full streaming below.

Johnny Goth - Come 2 Me

Johnny Goth is a young American music artist who has been active since 2015. He specialized in dreamy and haunting music and composed Come 2 Me specifically for the Halloween Ends soundtrack. The song was available already in February 2022 as part of the EP Voulez-Vous.

The song’s lyrics are particularly evocative, as the singer talks to a person who attracts him on a special night. Johnny Goth describes how he dreamed of this night for so long, and how he feels high and in love. Then the song’s ending hides a surprise, as he mentions the possibility that the other person was only in his head.

You can find the full lyrics below.

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Come To Me by Johnny Goth: the complete lyrics

Give you all to me tonight
Your body on my mind
Oh, I’ve been dreamin’ of this night
For so
Come sit by my side
You’ve got a sad look in your eye
Don’t let them pull you in tonight

I don’t want
To see you

If you fly too close, you might die
Like a moth to my light
Don’t let those flames get you high

When you’re high
Do you feel
In love

And if I dim the lights
Will you still be in my head?