Renard Spivey, the TV bailiff accused of killing his wife

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The story of Renard Spivey is curious: he was arrested, and accused of the murder of his wife back in 2019, and his identity created some buzz because many people knew him for his participation as a bailiff in a famous American TV show. Still, years later, people discover his story again and want to know more about it, especially in case some updates are available about a final verdict: in this article, we will recap everything we know, including the last information coming from sources involved in the case.

Renard Spivey, the TV bailiff accused of killing his wife: the full story & updates

Renard Spivey played the role of the Bailiff from 2012 to 2019 in the famous American TV show Justice For All, with Cristina Perez as the Judge. People followed him for this role until that year. Then in July 2019, Spivey was arrested for the murder of his wife, Patricia Spivey.

According to the information shared with the media, Renard and Patricia often argued in those months (Patricia’s brother confirmed it to the police). The reasons were mainly the use of steroids by Renard and the suspects about possible infidelity.

The episode occurred on 19 July 2019. Renard himself called the police that night, explaining that he accidentally shot his wife. According to the reconstruction he presented to the police, Patricia was arguing with him again that night, and at some point, she reached for a gun and shot Renard in the leg. As a reaction, Renard took the gun from her hands and shot her twice, killing her. He immediately called the police, explaining what had happened.

As a result, Renard was accused of murder and imprisoned.

According to an internal source, the trial is still pending and there is no final verdict yet. Until we won’t have an official sentence coming from the trial, we will have to wait patiently before having a complete understanding of the situation involving Renard Spivey.

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