657 Boulevard: the house in The Watcher is on Zillow

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The Watcher is a Netflix TV series released in 2022, starring Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, and Mia Farrow. The series caught everybody’s curiosity because it’s based on a true story: a family that bought a house in New Jersey immediately started receiving annoying letters from someone who signed “the watcher.” The series’ creators are Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) and Ian Brennan (Dahmer). Curiosity is all around the house, which exists and is even accessible on Zillow. The address is 657 Boulevard, Westfield, New Jersey, and we will discover more about it in this article.

You can watch the official trailer of The Watcher here.

657 Boulevard: is the house in The Watcher really on Zillow?

The house protagonist of the Netflix TV series The Watcher really exists, and its address is 657 Boulevard, Westfield, New Jersey (United States). It’s visible on the popular real estate marketplace Zillow at the link below.

Discover the house at 657 Boulevard, Westfield, New Jersey, on Zillow

The story told in the series is about the owners who bought the house in 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus. The stalker that kept disturbing the Broaddus family with anonymous letters was never caught, despite the efforts of the police and the FBI, and that led the owners to sell the house in 2019 for a lower price than the one they originally paid, 900.000$ instead of the purchased price of 1.3M. The current quotation of the home on Zillow is 1.5M.

The house is not for sale now, as the current owners are interested in holding it. But given the visibility that the house is getting after the release of The Watcher, it’s likely that the value will increase, maybe boosted by the interest of fans who want to own a piece of TV history.