“Ay Miguel”: the original video of the viral TikTok sound

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“Ay Miguel,” or “hay Miguel,” is the query TikTok users have been googling for many months after a particular sound went viral on the social network. It’s a series of videos where one man screams the name “Miguel” and panics about a sudden situation: creators have been using that sound massively to generate funny situations where people ask for help in some ridiculous way. This article will track this trend back to its original video.

You can find here on TikTok one of the most viral videos using the “Ay Miguel” sound.

What’s the original video behind the viral “Ay Miguel” TikTok sound?

The original video of the “Ay Miguel” sound that got viral on TikTok in 2022 is the one below, dated December 29, 2021.

The video was uploaded by a creator that often shares funny videos taken from the Internet. In the video above, a cowboy gets bitten on his hand by a horse. The reaction is hilarious, as the man starts screaming the name “Miguel” immediately in a funny attempt to have his hand released.

We are unsure if Miguel is the guy next to the horse or the horse’s name. The real identities of the guys are unknown, but if soon one of them reveals the true story, you’ll find here all answers.

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