11 tips to help launch a successful career as a musician

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You might think that being a musician is your ticket to stardom, but the reality is that you have to make much effort in this industry. Your passion for creating music should be your driving force, even on days you feel like giving up. That said, you must put yourself out there, network with other people in the industry, and listen and read materials on music to gain ideas and motivation to continue creating. Apply the tips discussed in this article if you want to excel in your career as a musician.

11 Tips to Help You Excel in Your Music Career

Knowing that people love and are inspired by your songs is a dream for every artist, and many go to great lengths to satisfy their fanbase. Use these tips if you want to have a successful music career.

1.  Be Aware of Your Goals

Everyone pursues a specific career because they want to make it in that field, and musicians aren’t any different. However, apart from making in the music industry, what else do you want to achieve with your music career?

You must have both short-term and long-term goals. For instance, if you are starting, your plan might be to appear on stage at a local show or a festival. This will help get the word out about your music, and if people like what you present, you will start seeing traction. This will help you feel motivated to create more. Long-term goals should be to go for solo tours, create a music label, and help other artists succeed in this sector.

2.  Create a Supportive Team

We all need someone rooting for us, and being in the music industry, you need to have a team to help you excel. This is because as you grow, you’ll need people to help handle some of the tasks so that you can focus on writing and creating unique and soul-inspiring music.

For instance, you might not be good at booking shows or doing your finances; as such, you need to collaborate with people who are good at those things. This shows that you are establishing yourself in this competitive industry. You can sign yourself with a label with your interests at heart or find an agent to help you step in the right direction.

3.  Keep Up With the Music Trends

This is a dynamic sector, so you must stay on your toes to keep up with the changing trends. Read magazines, news, and blogs, like Anne from EzMusicBox, to stay in the loop about the best music instruments and industry. Some few years back, you had to be signed by major labels to succeed in your music career. However, that’s no longer the case. Artists can now publish their music and publicize it on different channels like YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and other social channels and have a worldwide reach.

4.  In-Person Networking

Building a successful career as a musician requires more than just creating; you must network with other people in the industry. So don’t just stay cooped up in your studio; attend workshops, festivals, meet-ups, and other events hosted by musicians.

Networking helps establish your brand and create mutually beneficial relationships with other artists. Listen to people when they talk about their work; some will even share their creative process and how to get out of a funk when you are in one, which is common among creators. Also, talk about what you do and ensure that you exchange contacts with those who show interest in collaboration.

5.  Network on Social Media

Social media is the in-thing, and as a creator, you must have a presence in these streets. You don’t need to be on every site, but ensure you are on the most trending channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Ensure that your presence on these sites is consistent and engages your followers. Also, ensure you follow music groups relevant to the type of music you produce to stay updated on the latest trends. If you have a new song in the works, you can post snippets to get your audience excited about its release. Remember, you are a brand, so ensure that your social channels and website reflect that.

6.  Invest in Your Music Career

To be a musician, you must recognize that it’s a business and treat it as one. Therefore, if you are going to sign with a record label, ensure that you have a lawyer present during the contract signing and read every word in the agreement to avoid being looped into unfavorable conditions.

In business, keeping time is crucial; therefore, always be on time for all your appointments and communicate earlier in the event of a mishap. Writing and creating is a process, so pay attention and continually work to meet your deadline and exceed your expectations and those of your label and followers by creating unique and beautiful songs.

It will be challenging when starting, but you can gain more experience and get people to notice you by taking up internships that are music related. This will help you gain insights into the work and lifestyles of musicians.

7.  Upskill

In every career, you must keep upskilling to stay relevant and gain more knowledge and skills. So, attend music lectures and workshops. It might also be a good idea to revisit classics from, say, The Beatles or other revolutionary bands to keep yourself connected with your earliest influences. But new knowledge is equally important.

For instance, if you feel your voice is lacking in some vocals, you can sign up with a vocalist to help you improve. You can enroll in music writing courses to enhance your music writing skills.

You can also listen to music regardless of the genre, as it will open you up to new experiences. You can do many things to improve and build a successful music career; showing eagerness to learn new things is a start.

8.  Have Your Affairs In Order

Suppose you are in the initial stages of your career, don’t quit your job music before you can start generating income. It would also be best if you have everything in order when starting your music career by:

  • Identifying your niche and staying on track
  • Developing a marketing strategy to help your music have a global reach
  • Developing your brand as a musician Having a budget for all your music needs
  • Hiring an accountant to give you financial advice and keep track of your finances
  • Copyrighting your content
  • Lawyers to help with contract signing

Having your business affairs organized will help you be more productive. Even when you have others doing part of the business you don’t like, it’s prudent that you also have a clue of what is going on, especially on the financial aspect, as we’ve seen many who have been robbed of their hard work.

9.  Find a Mentor

A mentor makes a significant difference in your career as they help propel you in the right direction. This is because they have plenty of experience in the music industry. They will offer advice and help you avoid some mistakes newbies make, accelerating your music career.

The best way to get a mentor is by attending networking events and engaging with as many people as possible. In the process, you will connect with some people more than others, which will help you choose a mentor. Note that not all are open to mentoring; however, it’s worth trying.

Collect contacts of people you identify as potential mentors and shoot them an email expressing your respect for their work, how you enjoyed picking their brains during the event, and your interest in having them as your mentor. And request for a meet-up. Many will be flattered and accept your invitation; ensure you have a list of questions you want to address.

If your meeting goes well, continue reaching out, and don’t just be a taker; ensure you are giving something in return, such as taking them out for coffee or gifts that have significance in their lives; they don’t have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts.

10. Have a Positive Mindset

Making it in the music industry will not happen overnight; you must learn how to harden yourself to rejection and criticism. Staying positive, recognizing all your achievements, and embracing your failures are essential to creating music. Keep writing and producing music even when you are not feeling like doing it, as it’s the only way to perfect your craft.

Consider the positive criticism, improve on areas you see lacking, and ignore all the others that want to put you down. Keep on being you, stay consistent and produce quality and unique music.

11. Learn Music Distribution

Technological advancements have enabled artists to publish their works and contribute to their income. So, ensure you are in the know of all the streaming platforms and register with them. These include Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. Learning about the various ways your music can generate income would be best. This can be done by attending tours and booking shows. A reputable brand is also an excellent way to attract companies and artists for collaboration or endorsements.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a successful musician is possible if you have a passion, clear goals, and create unique and beautiful music. However, you must also be ready to persevere as success won’t come overnight; it’s a process that will need you to get as much help as possible from the right team and mentors and always stay looped on the latest developments in the music sector. That said, the tips above will help you launch a successful career as a musician.