Gorillaz, New Gold: the lyrics and their meaning

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On August 31, 2022, Gorillaz released their new song New Gold, the second single extracted from their 2023 album Cracker Island. Once again, the band shares weird lyrics with a cryptic meaning, and people wonder what the track is about. In this article, we will provide the interpretation of the song’s meaning, and at the end, you’ll also find the complete lyrics.

You can find the official streaming of the song below.

Gorillaz - New Gold ft. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown (Official Visualiser)

New Gold: inside the lyrics and their meaning

New Gold is a new step in the story told by the album Cracker Island, as we already explained by analyzing the title track: the virtual band is entering what they call “The Last Cult,” a mysterious cult that promises to enter a new dimension. Behind the new gold is the key to accessing this new dimension.

That’s how Gorillaz members explained the meaning of the album:

“’Cracker Island’ is the sound of change and the chorus of the collective.”


“When the reckoning comes, gotta be ready to step through the gateway. Cracker Island’s got the entry codes…”.


“The path to Cracker Island isn’t easy to find ‘cos it’s underwater”


“The hallowed tones of Cracker Island will soundtrack our collective ascension into the new dimension! JOIN ME!”


From the explanations above, we understand better the chorus of New Gold:

But in the magic gold, there’s a pretty one
I ask her where it goes, cause I really wanna
I wonder if she knows the way underwater
And that’s the way it goes in this silly wonder

The song talks about the way to reach Cracker Island, which is the place where The Last Cult was born. This new, magic gold is the mean by which Gorillaz will access Cracker Island through the way underwater.

For the band, this is an escape from our world. And the song’s verses describe the ugly sides of our world, which represent the many reasons the band wants to escape.

Are we all losing our minds?
Because life got in the way
(Hey, hey, hey)
Things will be here just in time
Your replacement is here to stay

Things are going nuts in our world; thus, this parallel dimension could be a suitable alternative for us. The lyrics even mention Shaun, referring to the singer Shaun Ryder who contributed to their 2005’s song Dare:

Like Shaun, he’s a rider, took on his Dare
Now he’s singing like a birdy, pulling on his hair
Trending on Twitter, is what some of us live for
Branches in and out, all’s a revolving door
Is all of this a joke? Pretty sure
Bullshit keeps comin’, baby I’m a Matador
What are we living for?

The other lines in New Gold are the “mad” way (as Damon Albarn described it) to explain all the wrong things in the world. From this point of view, the meaning of the song’s lyrics is: we have the chance to escape this world and replace it with a better alternative, the one offered by The Last Cult; we will reach Cracker Island through the way underwater and enter the new dimension.

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