American Gigolo, the series: soundtrack & trailer song

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American Gigolo is the TV series announced by Showtime, up for release on September 10, 2022. The TV show is a reinterpretation of the famous 1980s movie, starring Jon Bernthal in the role of Julian Kaye, a man trying to reinvent his life after being 15 years in prison for a wrongful conviction. Showtime already released two official trailers; in both cases, the song was an exciting part of the teaser. This article will explore the tracks and what we know about the soundtrack.

You can find the official trailers of Showtime’s American Gigolo series here and here.

What’s the song of the American Gigolo series trailer?

The song featured in the first official trailer of Showtime’s American Gigolo series is Call Me by Blondie, whereas the track in the second trailer is Burning by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Burning is a brand new song, released on August 12 (you can find the official video here). On the other hand, Call Me is a famous pop song from 1980 that many still remember, and it was also the theme song of the original movie released in 1980.

What do we know about the soundtrack?

Nothing has been revealed yet about the TV show soundtrack, but the presence of two essential songs like the ones above makes us think there will be an accurate selection of songs for the series. We don’t know yet who officially curates the soundtrack.

The series has an important precedent as a possible comparison: the 1980s movie that inspired the TV show had a soundtrack composed by the disco music artist Giorgio Moroder.

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