Three of the world’s most historical casinos

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Gambling and betting have existed as long as man has been able to communicate. Yet housing these activities in a designated building is a fairly new concept and has only happened in the last few hundred years. Luckily, to attract patrons most of these casinos have been architectural delights and are well worth a visit. Below, we present the three oldest casinos in the world. 

Baden Baden Casino, Germany

When it comes to casino offerings, in the modern day we are spoilt for choice. From slots to poker and blackjack online games, you can house a whole casino in the palm of your hand. You only need to take a look at major providers like Betfair to see the range of categories available on their online platforms. From table games to bingo, you can play whatever you want, whenever you want. However, it wasn’t always that easy. 

In the 1830s, there was a total ban on gambling in France. As a result, many people would travel over the border to Germany to make a bet. The result of this was the Baden Baden Casino, situated in the town’s Kurhaus, or social district. And social it was, attracting the biggest celebrities of the day. 

Marlene Dietrich, socialite, actress, and singer was a regular patron and once named it “The most beautiful casino in the world”. The writer Fyodor Dostoevsky also frequented the establishment and wrote his novel “The Gambler” about playing roulette there.

Casino de Spa, Belgium

Opened in 1763, this building was commissioned by the mayors of the Belgian town of Spa. A hotspot for travelers who wanted to take advantage of the thermal mineral springs, they hit upon a business idea of mixing a hotel, bathing establishment, and casino. Designed by the architect Barthélémy Digneffe, it added palatial glory to an area that had been attracting tourists since the 14th century. 

However, since its opening, the casino has not had an easy time. It would get ravaged by fire in 1807. Napoleon then stated that profits for the next ten years must be given to those who lost their homes. During the early part of the 20th century, it would suffer more. It then took a decade for it to be restored and retain its former glory. 

The Deadwood Casinos, South Dakota

These are more a collection of casinos than one particular establishment, housed in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. At its peak, the spot was a true wild west town, alive with the promise of the gold rush. This made it a haven for gambling and any other forms of entertainment the miners and prospectors could get their hands on. However, once the rush ended, the town faded into obscurity.  That was until the famous television series renewed interest in the area. Restorations began, and it became one of the best-preserved frontier towns. It now even has a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Of course, with this has come a revival of its famous hotels and the casinos that go with them. You can sit in their western splendor and walk in the shoes of history’s famous luminaries, like Wyatt Earp while playing your favorite casino games. Perhaps if you try one of these famous casinos, you may even contribute to their rich history yourself.