2022 trends you must know

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From fashion to entertainment, there are some things that go in waves of popularity and the proliferation of the internet means it’s even easier to share information about what’s hot and what’s not. Some trends are relatively short-lived, but others become huge global sensations over a short period of time and then maintain their position of popularity for the longer term.

There are trends in almost every realm of life from fashion and entertainment to website design and choice of packaging materials. Some are driven by wider philosophical beliefs, such as environmental awareness, whereas others simply reflect the zeitgeist of the moment. 

As more people use social media, viral trends have proliferated among users at an increasingly swift rate. People can now find the things that interest them most at the touch of a button, whether that’s participating in a flash mob or learning the latest kitchen hacks. 

Some of this year’s most popular trends are:

Gaming galore

Once a relatively niche pastime, only the earliest adopters had the equipment and skills necessary to play the first video games. Now, there is a huge global gaming market that’s driving millions of players to the most popular versions of games such 90 ball bingo.

Now that everyone has a smartphone, gaming apps are booming with many players choosing traditional games such as bingo to combine the fun of playing with the chance to win cash prizes. Players can join with friends on social networks, take advantage of special offers to get free games, and choose from a variety of games.

Even though online bingo is trending, bingo themed night out activities are also becoming an increasingly popular aspect. For example, the famous bongos bingo that attracts all sorts of different demographics to enjoy a night of entertainment and drinks. There are also many restaurants that have bingo themed bottomless brunches, giving many customers the luxury of entertainment, great food and a prize at the end of it. Even for those who enjoy a night-in, there are plenty of bingo themed games to play at home with your friends. Bingo is truly becoming a diverse game for people of many backgrounds to experience!

Bold clothing

The headlines from the catwalk this year are all about the bright and bold colours, with fluorescent greens and shocking pinks catching eyes from all over the world. The styles may be exaggerated, with puffy skirts and boxy blazers, but the high street versions are ideal for effortlessly taking a look from the daytime into the evening.

Sequins and sparkles are also big news, complementing the eye-catching designs of the 80s-inspired silhouettes that are also bang on trend in the world of high-end fashion. For those wanting to recreate the look themselves, a ruched, sequinned dress is about as up-to-the-minute as it gets, and if you can mix and match with a little animal print then so much the better.

TV trends to watch

While dating shows have always been a popular choice of reality TV, the days when people were matched seemingly randomly are over. Dating apps have made it so easy to limit the pool of potential suitors to those that exactly match certain characteristics that it is possible to find people that are much more likely to be compatible with one another. As the world of TV dating strives to meet the high standards that dating app algorithms achieve, the new genre of dating shows is much more specific and therefore much more appealing. Love on the Spectrum follows the fortunes of couples on the autistic spectrum, whereas Indian Matchmaking turns over people’s dating lives to the expertise of a professional to see if she can help them find love.

Home is where the trends are

Anyone looking for a way to update their surroundings will love the chance to give their home a makeover using some of the most popular trends to make their space feel fresh. Natural fibres, fabrics, and materials are in as people want to embrace the idea of function combined with form, and both decorative and practical items being inspired by the natural world in colour, texture, and shape.

From baskets and dried flowers to wooden crates and glass lampshades, you can apply the aesthetic to almost any household design feature to create a calming space that makes you feel connected with the natural world.

Food for thought

As more and more people are choosing to eat less and less meat, plant-based recipes and dishes are becoming more popular, with bloggers and food writer sharing their favourites all over the internet. As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their choices, some staples are gradually being replaced as more and more people are choosing plant-based milk alternatives, nut butters, and vegan cheeses.

Vegetarian and vegan options are becoming more and more widespread with many of the leading chains offering plant-based options such as Mcdonalds’ McPlant and Burger King’s Vegan Royale. While savoury food is surging into the future, desserts are going retro with a resurgence of the knickerbocker glory and a sudden interest in traditional traybakes proving popular on social media.

It’s easy being green

As we prepare to tackle the issue of global warming head-on, sustainability is becoming a trend that many consumers are now prioritising. From wearing clothing made from organic cotton and bamboo to driving electric cars, consumers are making more eco-friendly choices and so green products have gone mainstream.

Customers are keener than ever to shop local, particularly those that are still working from home and able to engage more with their immediate community. This is making initiatives to reduce food waste more sustainable and encouraging businesses to go beyond carbon neutral and aim to be climate positive. Whatever your interests, from home improvements to cooking up a storm, you can incorporate the latest trends into your plans for 2022. You can update your wardrobe, revamp your living space, or consider your transportation options with one eye on what’s hot at the moment if you want to make the most of the very latest in technology and design.