Angels, the ending song in The Next 365 Days movie

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The Next 365 Days landed on Netflix on August 19, 2022, and once again, viewers got caught by that unique mix of sexy scenes, complicated love stories, and fascinating music. As usual, people have been curious about many songs on the soundtrack: as happened with I See Red in the first movie of the trilogy, there is always a song that stands out among the others. This time it happened with Angels, the track written by the actor who plays Massimo in the movie, Michele Morrone: let’s discover more about the song you can hear in the ending credits of The Next 365 Days.

You can find the official trailer of the song here on Youtube.

Angels: the song in the ending credits of The Next 365 Days movie

Angels is the song by Michele Morrone, the Italian actor who plays Massimo in The Next 365 Days, and you can hear it in the movie’s final scene and on the ending credits. You can find the song in full streaming below.

Michele Morrone - Angels (Official Visualizer Video)

Besides being the leading actor in the 365 Days trilogy, Michele is also a musician. He published an album in 2020, Dark Room, and many of his songs have been picked in the 365 Days soundtracks. The most famous case is Feel It, from the first movie, which is the most streamed track on his youtube channel (you can find it here). Among his other popular songs are Another Day (from 365 Days: This Day), Hard For Me, and Watch Me Burn.

Angels: inside the lyrics and their meaning

Angels is a love song where a man tries to reassure the girl he loves. The two are not close right now, and that hurts him. But he knows she’s scared too, so he wishes he was an angel, able to wrap her with his wings. Below you can find part of the lyrics you hear in the movie.

A thousand coloured paintings you have made for us
When I’m done, look at your photograph (At your photograph)
Counting all the days we have been separate
I disappear and burn like my damn cigarette
I just wanna fall asleep and dream of you

But listen I wanna tell you that
You should never be scared
Whenever you need I will be there
And it doesn’t matter where or when
I wanna wrap you with my wings
And fly like angels with no fears
Chasing the stars until we get so tired
Then we’ll nap on the clouds
In mе, you will always find hope

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