What’s the theme song in The Chi Season 5 trailer?

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The Chi returned with its fifth season, and once again, people are excited by the development of the plot and also by the beautiful soundtrack, full of excellent songs. Every episode has its musical surprise, and many viewers spend the vision using Shazam to discover the next track to add to their playlist. One of the most googled tracks is the theme song we can here in the Season 5 trailer: today, we will discover more about it.

Wedding Reception Entrance Dance So...
Wedding Reception Entrance Dance Songs

You can view the official trailer of The Chi Season 5 here on Youtube.

What’s the theme song in The Chi Season 5 trailer?

The song featured in the official trailer of The Chi Season 5 is Right Track by Syd & Smino. You can find the track in full streaming below.

Syd, Smino - Right Track (Official Video)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Syd is an American singer, known initially as part of the hip hop collective Odd Future and later founder of the band The Internet. Right Track is one of her solo tracks, released in 2011 as a collaboration with the rapper Smino: a stylish song that perfectly represents the elegance of the TV show.

Right Track is a song about a relationship that promises to be the right one. Syd is excited to progress in this story, trying to seduce her man, convincing him they can be a perfect match.

Below you can find the lyrics we can hear in the trailer:

Feel like we’re on the right track
Keep it up, you keep me comin’ right back, yeah
I might be tryna wife that, yeah-yeah

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