What’s the song in the 2022 Bacardi commercial?

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Bacardi is always able to make joyful and fresh commercials. Before summer 2022 arrived, they released a couple of short ads called “Move like it’s summer,” celebrating the arrival of the warm season. Each commercial features a catchy reggaeton song from a few years ago: let’s discover it in this article.

You can find the two “Move like it’s summer” Bacardi commercials here and here.

What’s the song in the 2022 Bacardi commercial?

The song featured in the Bacardi commercial “Move like it’s summer” is Que Calor by Major Lazer, J Balvin & El Alfa. You can find the full track streaming below.

Major Lazer, J Balvin - Que Calor (Official Video) ft. El Alfa

Que Calor was released in 2019 as a collaboration among three masters of Latin pop music. The song is incredibly catchy and perfect for dancing in the summer heat.

Below you can find the lyrics we hear in the commercial:

Qué calor (Qué ca), qué ca (Qué ca)
En la discoteca qué calor (Qué ca)
Yesca (Qué ca), para la’ muñeca’, por favor

That translates to “what a heat, in the club, what a heat, weed for the doll, please.”

It’s the perfect song for a dancey summer mood, and Bacardi picked it as the soundtrack for summer 2022.

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