The best song on the Paper Girls soundtrack

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Paper Girls is the sci-fi drama series produced by Amazon and released worldwide on July 29, 2022. It rapidly became one of the most streamed visions on the platform, and its success doesn’t come only from the plot and the development of the story episode after episode but also from the soundtrack: a collection of classic songs that viewers recognize and enjoy while they watch the TV show. There are many relevant moments in the series enhanced by the right music: let’s discover in this article the best & most appreciated song of the series.

You can find the Paper Girls’ official trailer here on Youtube.

What’s the best song on the Paper Girls soundtrack?

There are many excellent choices inside the soundtrack of Paper Girls, and it’s hard to pick one among the others. However, based on the audience’s reaction, the most appreciated song of the TV show is the one we can hear in the ending credits of Episode 4: Space Song by Beach House: a song released in 2015, among the most beloved tracks of the American indie band. You can find the track below.

Beach House - Space Song

It’s not the only exciting song we can find in the show; fans mention many other moments as perfect musical choices. Below you can find a list of the most mentioned songs of the show and where you can hear them:

Besides the four tracks above, another song from the Paper Girls soundtrack has not been officially mentioned by Amazon but was recognized by many viewers: in Episode 6, when KJ walks into the theatre for the Stanley Kubrick marathon, you can hear Spit On A Stranger by Pavement, another classic indie song, released in 1999.

Where can I find the official soundtrack?

The original soundtrack of Paper Girls was composed by Bobby Krlic, full of suspenseful instrumental songs. You can listen to it here on Youtube.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the musical selection of the classic songs in the series, you can listen to this Spotify playlist created by fans.

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