Prey (2022 movie): the theme song and the soundtrack

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Prey is the movie released in 2022 as part of the Predator franchise. It’s the second film directed by Dan Trachtenberg after10 Cloverfield Lane, and it stands out for a beautiful soundtrack. The soundtrack’s author is Sarah Schachner, an American composer who worked on the music for video games like Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed and movies like Now You See Me and The Expendables 2. She curated all the tracks inside Prey, and many of them stand out for their suspenseful mood, like The Hunter and Brave Girl. But many believe that the most exciting piece is the theme song we can listen to during the opening credits. A song that lasts only a few seconds in the movie: let’s discover it.

What’s the theme song of the 2022 movie Prey?

The theme song of the 2022 movie Prey is called Predator Instinct, composed by the soundtrack’s author Sarah Schachner. You can find it in full streaming below.

Predator Instinct

Predator Instinct is a dark ambient track performed by an orchestra with strings instruments that build a beautiful crescendo. The song has no lyrics, like the rest of the soundtrack, and does an excellent job increasing the suspense at the movie’s beginning. You can hear only a tiny snippet during the title’s opening credits, but it’s the best moment of the soundtrack.

Where can I listen to the full Prey soundtrack?

The original soundtrack of the 2002 movie Prey is available on Spotify, Youtube, Sarah Schachner’s Soundcloud channel, and other streaming services.

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