Live A Live, Megalomania: a song & a great soundtrack

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The first release of Live A Live was in 1994, and that’s where a slow cult was born. Initially, the video game didn’t sell many copies in Japan (270.00 copies were sold in ’94, which was considered a commercial failure in those days). Still, the fanbase showed increasing consideration for the game year after year. At some point, the buzz became so relevant that the director could not ignore the possibility of an official remake: the new Live A Live released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch can be defined as an immediate success, and one of its strengths is the soundtrack, cured again by Yoko Shimomura and full of exciting tunes. One song, in particular, is still much beloved by fans: Megalomania. Let’s discover a bit more about it together.

You can find the official Live A Live launch trailer here on Youtube.

Megalomania: the perfect song for a boss fight

Megalomania is probably the most memorable song on the Live A Live soundtrack: its fast beat and glorious mood can generate an authentic adrenaline rush. The track was present already in the original score from 1994, and you can find the first version below.

The video game’s remake improved the sound quality, but the melody stayed the same. And fans are happy to play the game again under this musical background.

The new version of the song is not yet officially available, and there is a chance that Square Enix and Nintendo will release the soundtrack as a separate music release.

A curiosity for the fans: Live A Live’s Megalomania was the inspiration behind the track Megalovania in the soundtrack of the Undertale video game. The song was initially composed by Toby Fox, who recently confirmed on Twitter how Live A Live inspired him while making the music.

Go! Go! Steel Titan!: the other popular song on Live a Live Soundtrack

Another track caught the attention of fans before the release of the video game: it’s called Go! Go! Steel Titan! and it’s a remake of the song March of the Tin King from the 1994 soundtrack. The new version of the song features the vocal of Hironobu Kageyama, famous for singing the Dragon Ball opening song. It’s an exciting collaboration that brought the old track to an exciting new life. You can find the latest version below from Nintendo’s official Youtube channel.

LIVE A LIVE - Behind-the-Scenes for Go! Go! Steel Titan! - Nintendo Switch

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