Up: what’s the sad song in the Disney Pixar movie?

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Up is one of the most beloved movies ever made by Disney Pixar. It’s a heartbreaking story, able to teach us a lesson about how to deal with life while getting older. Besides the funny scenes and the moving moments, the soundtrack is full of effective songs that help the film development. One, in particular, became very popular: it’s the song that accompanies the life spent together by Carl and Ellie while the movie tells their story. A song that starts with a happy mood and becomes sad afterward. Let’s discover it together.

You can find Up official movie trailer here on Youtube.

What’s the sad song featured in the Disney Pixar Up movie?

The sad song in the Disney Pixar movie Up is called Married Life, and it was composed by the author of the official soundtrack, Michael Giacchino. You can find the song streaming below.

UP OST - 03 - Married Life

Married Life is the happier version of the song. The musical theme becomes sadder when the movie tells about Ellie’s death, and this alternative version took the title Stuff We Did in a separate track. You can find the streaming of the sad version here.

This song is considered one of the best soundtracks ever made for an animated movie, and it also won a Grammy Award in 2010. The track returns in many other moments of the film, and that’s why people tend to remember it so well, even years later.

It’s so addictive that you can find many videos on Youtube that put it in the loop for one hour or more. Listening to a song like this can be cathartic when you feel sadness.