What’s the Yellowstone theme song, and who wrote it?

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Yellowstone is one of the most popular TV shows of last years. Four seasons already released and a fifth one set to be released in November 2022. One of the biggest strengths of the series is the soundtrack, that offers new inputs at every episode. The theme song featured in the opening credits is obviously the song that remains stuck in our mind, and people often want to know more about it. Let’s discover all aspects of this song together.

You can find Yellowstone opening credits from Season 1 here on Youtube.

What’s Yellowstone theme song?

The song featured as theme song in Yellowstone opening credits is titled Yellowstone Main Title and it’s composed by Bryan Tyler, who is the official author of the soundtrack. You can find the full streaming of the song below.

‘Yellowstone’ Official Theme Music Composed by Brian Tyler | Paramount Network

The song is instrumental, it has no lyrics, but it shows a epic progression that fits perfectly the mood of the TV series.

Bryan Tyler is a talented and experienced author of soundtracks. Among his works there are soundtracks for many popular movies and TV shows, like many chapters of Fast & Furious, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Now You See Me and the recent reissues of Rambo and Scream. Among the TV Series, he worked on the soundtracks of Transformers: Prime, Sleepy Hollow and Scorpion, among many others.

Is it the same song as Game of Thrones?

The question arose often in last years, because Yellowstone and Game of Thrones main themes sounds very similar. Nevertheless, they are not the same song. Game Of Thrones main theme has been composed in 2011 by Ramin Djawadi, years ago before the release of Yellowstone first season (in 2018)

You can hear Game Of Thrones opening credits here, and compared to the song above you will be able to notice how the songs are different.