Kevin Gates, I Don’t Hit It With The Fork: the lyrics meaning

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Kevind Gates is back with a new song, released on his Youtube channel on July 3rd. The title of the song is I Don’t Hit It With The Fork and obviously people wants to know more about the lyrics and their meaning. Already this year his songs created some buzz: Super General was hinting his point of view about his ex-wife Dreka and the reason why they broke up, therefore it’s now interesting to understand what the new song is about. In this article we will provide all answers needed.

You can find the official video of the song below.

Kevin Gates - I Don't Hit It With The Fork

I Don’t Hit It With The Fork: the lyrics and their meaning

I Don’t Hit It With The Fork is again a song where Kevin Gates talks about his live, his previous relationship and his new ones. It’s clear that he’s frustrated and angry with a girl that hurt him in the past, and in this case the reference is probably to Dreka.

Out my mind right now
I don’t wanna talk, b* *h
Hurt people, hurt people
And, I’m destroyed on the inside

And compared to this, Kevin talks about another girl, who probably represent his present. He says that she’s loyal, he hints about the fact that they have fun in bed, and he presents her as a positive presence, compared to the one who hurt him.

Shawty bend over, she makin’ it arch
I’m deep in her stomach, I’m makin’ it fart
Supplyin’ that lumber, she told me she love me
I go get the money, I don’t get involved
S**t, and she thuggin’ with me and my dawgs
She loyal, so, she ’bout to get it, on God

The title refers to a situation where Kevn Gates doesn’t use a fork. By connecting the dots with other parts of the lyrics, it seems that he rather uses a knife. And the things he may use a knife with could be different: in the song also heroine and dope is mentioned, and in the end of the song he measures the weight of something:

Sixty-three grams with two in the quarter
I don’t hit it with the fork

It’s not always easy to understand the full meaning of Kevin Gates songs and lyrics, so we like to leave part of the interpretation to your own guess. And if you want to go deeper in the song lyrics, we suggest you to read them on Genius, where they get complete progressively, including interpretations and hints from the fans.

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