What’s the song in 2022 Wimbledon commercial?

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The Wimbledon season is on, every day people can watch the games of their favourite players. And as a public, popular event, the organization released some weeks before the start a cool animated commercial titled “The Stage Awaits”, that succeeded to highlight the spirit of the competition. The commercial features a powerful song and people is asking what this music is. In this article we will song featured idiscover together the song and its lyrics.

The official Wimbledon commercial is available here on Youtube.

Wimbledon 2022: the song in the commercial

The song featured in 2022 Wimbledon commercial is Come Alive by Summer Kennedy. You can find the official audio of the song below.

Summer Kennedy - "Come Alive" (Official Audio)

The song belongs to the album of the same title released in 2021. Summer Kennedy is a music project founded by Natalie Nicoles and it’s presented as “feel good indie-pop”.

Come Alive is a song about all the good things that can happen when you take your life in your hands and chase your aspirations. The lyrics that we hear in the Wimbledon commercial are:

Our dreams come alive, alive
We can be heroes and legends today

The song therefore matches perfectly the glory of being at the Wimbledon competition, playing against the strongest tennis players in the world.

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