What’s the Money Money Money song? Here the lyrics

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There could be many reasons why you are looking for a “Money Money Money” song right now. Because there are actually many songs that match this query, and many reasons why it’s so popular. In this article we will give the four main answers to this question, and we will also provide the lyrics of each of the presented songs. It’s very likey that one of these options is the one you were looking for.

The Apprentice Theme song

The song used as theme in The Apprentice is a soul/funk song that hit the higher floors of the music charts in the 70s, For The Love of Money by The O’ Jays. You can see it live below.

The O'Jays - For The Love of Money (Official Soul Train Video)

The song starts exactly with “Money money money”, in a funky crescendo. The song talks about what people is keen to do to have more money.

Money Money Money by ABBA: the lyrics and their meaning

Money Money Money is a popular song by the Swedish band ABBA, released in 1976. You can find the official music video below. The song became again viral in recent times because it has been featured on TikTok by many video creators.

Abba - Money, Money, Money (Official Music Video)

The song is about the wish we sometimes feel to have enough money and not need to work any longer. The song doesn’t have a happy mood, therefore it might hint that this feeling is actually a result of capitalism, that forces you to work too much.

Below you can find the lyrics of the chorus

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world
A-ha, ah
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world

Money Money Money: the rap song and its lyrics

There is a old famous rap song that keeps repeating the works “money money money”. It also has a nice official video: we are talking about Whales, released in 2014 by the American hip hop band Hail Mary Mallon. You can find the music video of the song below.

Hail Mary Mallon - Whales (Official Video)

The song talks about money on the rap point of view: a need that we all have, a with that belongs to all us, a symbol of the fact that our life is solved and we are successful as people. In the song it’s treated like an obsession: we need money, we want money, let’s do everything possible to get it. And in the lyrics, the word “money” is repeated with no end.

The song featured in Breaking Bad

There is another “Money Money Money” rap song and this time it became viral thanks to the TV series Breaking Bad: we talk about Money by DR Period, a song featured in the Episode 2 of Breaking Bad season 4. Below you can find the video, with snippets from the series.

DR Period - Money (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This time the song is about being proud of how fast the author can make money. So much that even the president of the US recognizes it. Here some part of the lyrics:

Money Money Money Money Money Money Money
I’m rollin’ in the
Money Money Money Money Money Money Money
I get that – fast money – and a – fly Car
I get that – fast money – and a – fly Car

Yo I’m rollin’ in the riches, b* *hes
Money buy the digits
I got Donald Trump callin’ me a money wizard
It ain’t my fault that my money on the rise
It ain’t my fault that it’s stacking to the skies

Was it the “Money Money Money” song you were looking to? Or one of the other alternatives in this article? Either way, today you may have discovered something new, which is always a good thing.

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