What’s the song in the new 2022 Zillow commercial?

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“Compare homes” is the suggestion Zillow has for you on the commercial that as released in March 2022. And it’s showed in the ad by letting a couple jump in the swimming pools of many homes, and feel freely the differences. The commercial features a song that remains in your head already after the first listen. Let’s discover together what the song is and how it matches the commercial.

You can find the original commercial by Zillow here, in its extended, 90-seconds version.

The song in the new Zillow commercial

The song featured in 2022 Zillow commercial is Free by Angel Olsen. It’s part of her first album, Half Way Home, released in 2012. You can find the complete song below.


The lyrics that we hear in the commercial are the following:

Oh my God, I need you close
Took me enough time to know
And after all the things we’ve seen
Together, I can’t let go
Together, I can’t let go

Sometimes, I have to take you in my arms
Rest your heart against my heart
Oh, you know each day it means a little more

If my love
If your love
If this love
Is pure love

Free! Love, nothing can come between
All I want is to believe
That there’s no harm, it’s what we need

Free is a love song that talks about the need to be close to the person you love. Sometimes our need for love makes us feel weak, but it’s also what makes us human. In the song, Angel Olsen accepts this need and expresses it to the man she loves, as something that is part of her nature.

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